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Our Cider

At Chestnut Farm we sell Somerset farmhouse cider made from a blend of traditional cider apples from our own orchards.  Many of our apples trees are over 50 years old and still provide a good yield of apples. We grow many old varieties, including:


-Michelin - Bittersweet

-Browns- Sharp

-Morgan Sweet- Sweet

Once made, we mature our cider for a minimum of 12 months, in oak whisky barrels that we get delivered directly from a distillery in the Scottish Highlands.

Once ready, we sell our cider directly from oak barrels and have the following varieties on draft:



-2018 Vintage

All of our draft cider is sold in the following containers:

    -2.5 and 5 litre plastic containers

    -1 gallon traditional glass demijohns - perfect for presents

    -10 and 20 litre bag in boxes - perfect for parties and BBQs

    -You are also welcome to bring your own container to be filled

We also sell Cider Vinegar, Eggs, and local cheese from Barbers, the oldest Cheddar Cheese makers in the world.

Please note, we now accept all major cards and Apple pay.

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